Bitcoin Weekly Forecast 6-1-24 – Rally into July

Monthly we see that we have a Rising Trend into the Month of July. May Started this Trend by brining the Market Back Up from the lows/downside movement for the month of April.

Our Strongest Target for a High at this time is July but keep in mind there is potential for a High to form in June and for July to start a reTest of Support. Thereafter we have a Trend from August to October which is the Strongest Trend Target on the Monthly models for the foreseeable future.

The Week of the May 27th was a downside week for Bitcoin which most likely formed our Low based on our Trend models; however, there is Potential for a Low to be made this week before Starting a Strong Rally into July.

This better confirms our Monthly Models which end Target July for this Rally and the Highest Potential for a High.

Our MINIMUM Price Target is a Test of the old High around the $73,800 level; however, there is Strong Potential for the overhead resistance to be broken and new High’s made. Our Current overhead Target is $71,500. Should that be broken then expect $72,000 to be Tested. Should $73,000 be broken on a closing basis this will confirm our Model’s Target of $80,000!

Our Strongest Target is the 3rd of June to set trend. Should the 4th break the High of June then this should start our Rally into late June/Mid July. (Use the Weekly Trend Models for better Targets in time.)

Summery: Our Monthly Models are Strongly Targeting June and July for High’s to Form and our Weekly Trend Models also confirm this with a Strong Trend developing into Mid July. Should $73,000 be Broken on a Closing Bases expect a Test of $80,000 to come by mid July! Our Models are extremely Bullish on Bitcoin on all time levels.


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