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SPY Bullish Forecast 6-2-24

Monthly we see that June is our first Target with a declining Trend thereafter. There is very[…]

S&P 500 (SPY) New Highs into June! 5-19-24

Monthly – Our Trend models are showing a continued upside movement into June from the April Low.[…]

S&P 500 – Weekly Forecast 4-29-24

Monthly we see that this is very similar to what we posted for DIA. March was our[…]

Weekly Forecast SPY 4-15-24 (New Lows ahead)

Weekly: Almost identical to DIA we see this week of the 15th is a Major Target and[…]

Weekly Recap 4-12-24

SPY – The week of April 8th saw yet again another downside week where the market opened[…]

SPY – Weekly forecast 4-8-24

Monthly – the S&P 500 is similar to how we’ve shown before with our Trend models. We[…]

SPY April Forecast 4-2-24 (Free Premium)

S&P 500 is Currently in a Bullish posture in our overall Indication Models SPY Monthly Similar to[…]

SPY & DIA Full Free (Elite) Forecast 3-24-24

Staring with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) at the Monthly level there is clear potential for[…]