Elite Group Membership

Fortuna Calls Elite Membership gives you access to far out Calls/Forecasts for our covered markets. Understand the trend and market movement going over several months or Quarters.

This will give you a dramatic edge over others as the vast majority simply look at the noise of the Daily or Weekly Markets and fail to grasp the larger overall trend of a given market.

Premium and the Free membership group give you access to short-term trend indicators and possible price targets. Elite is the FULL Package. Not only will you get full forecasts with Price Targets but also you’ll get precise timing targets.

Here is an example of what you’ll be receiving:

As time progresses we will show off more and more of our models. Here you can see the current Trend Target Model. You can see that our Models are showing a Trend going into the Week of the 1st and then a trend there after into the week of April 22nd.

Note that as we move from one time unit to another our Models will update.

Over 90 different custom models go into building our composite which you can now see before you. The more models pointing to a potential Turn in the Market or Trend the better.