SPY Bullish Forecast 6-2-24

Monthly we see that June is our first Target with a declining Trend thereafter. There is very Strong Potential for June to form a High with the possibility of a continued Movement into July where the Trend can then move opposite into September being our Strongest Target for the foreseeable future.

Should June Turn down then the potential for a bottom in July is strong with August then pushing the market up into September.

As of now the Strongest Potential is to see a Higher High made here in June with the potential to roll the market forward into July.

Weekly – The week of May 27th was a Downside week for SPY. Our Trend models are showing a Rising Trend into the week of June 10th which is our Strongest Target for the Month and our Strongest Target to form an immediate High.

As of now Should we see a High the week of June 10th that could point to a decline into the week of July 1st where we can then see the Market rally into the end of July/Week of August 5th.

With the amount of Global Capital flows moving into the US Share markets any crash or downward move would be short and quick to the point. Geopolitically Capital has no choice but to move into the US Share Market and as a result the USD move higher in value globally.

Daily – To start the week of the 3rd we have 2 Strong Targets for the 3rd and the 43th with some choppiness thereafter as we move into the week of the 10th. Where our next Strongest Targets come in on June 12th and the 13th.

Should the 4th break the High of the 3rd then this would be a strong indication of a continued Rally into the week of the 10th. Should the 4th break the Low of the 3rd then expect a reTest of Support into the Week of the 10th and then a Rally thereafter into Mid/Late July.

(Use our Weekly Trend Model for Targets in time.)

Summery: Overall the market looks very Bullish. Any downward price movement will be quick and straight to the point with Strong Rallies thereafter.

Our Strongest Target for an immediate High comes the week of June 10th. Should the 4th break the Low of the 3rd then expect a reTest of support into this Target and a Strong Rally thereafter.
Let the Daily set the Trend for the Weekly and let the Weekly set the Trend for the Monthly.


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