DIA 4-8-24 Weekly Forecast

Monthly – Our models are still showing an overall turn down for the month of April.

Weekly – Our Trend models are showing that the week of the 8th is set for a downside week and the most likely Target to for a temporary low.

Thereafter we see that there is High potential for an Upside movement into the week of the 22nd where therafter we could either Turn Down into the week of May 6th OR see a continued Rally. We will update as we move into the next weekly time unit.

As of now the week of April 8th is our Strongest Target for a Temporary low to form.

Daily – As mentioned in our Weekly Recap Post Friday the 5th finnished upside. Our next Target brings us to Monday the 8th which should be a Downside day; however, a quick Rally is possible for this Target with a Turn down thereafter.

We then see a Trend developing from the 9th into the 11th. We should see some higher volatility this week but the downside play appears to be consistent. The strongest day for a Target Low is currently the 11th.

Thursday the 4th saw some strong Support be broken around the 386 and 387 level. Our current MINIMUM Low price Target for this week of the 8th is 385.80 with the potential for a Low below 384.


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