(Daily & Weekly Forecast) The Dow to continue trend 3-22-24. All time Highs Week of the 25th


The week of the 18th opened at 388.85 (DIA).

As its stands now should the week of the 18th Close Higher than open we should see a continued trend into the week of the 25th. The 25th is currently our Highest Target for a High at this time. Expect to see an all time new High next week of the 25th.


Fortuna is showing a continued trend remains possible going into the Close of Friday March 22nd. Thereafter it’s highly possible we see rising volatility into the 26th which is currently our next main Target thereafter.

Should the Rally continue it’s likely we see a temporary high of at least 398.15. Keep in mind that its highly possible we make a new high tomorrow and then turn down for the day.

Should the the 22nd Be a Downside Day than the Monday the 25th should form a temp low and then turn up into the 26th.

Further updates will be made after the close Friday the 22nd.


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    • Currently our models have an accuracy of over 90% with given markets. General price movement is 90% correct on our forecasts, price targets are over 70% correct. We are working on making Fortuna even more accurate!

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