Premium Group

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Premium Group Features

Get Instant Access to Incredibly Accurate Forecasts for the Daily and Weekly Time levels. (Monthly and Quarterly are only given to Elite Members)

Our Accuracy is an Incredible 85%+ for our Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Targets. Astonishingly Accurate, we tell you When an Upcoming Move is taking place in a Given Market and the price targets generated by our independent models.

No more Darts to the board!

FortunaCalls never bases forecasts off gut feeling or opinion. All trades are handled with a black and white understanding of Logic. If this, then that.

Using Advanced Ai to Forecast the future of market movement. With Premium group membership you’ll have Instant Access to our up to date Market forecasts that provide Price Targets and Time Targets!

Share market Forecasting

Sharemarket forecasting is our bread and butter!
Years spent researching and building correlation models, global wave capital analysis, cyclical time targets, and pattern recognition have led us to the ability to accurately forecast the major market Indices with astonishing consistency.

Currently we primarily focus on Forecasting the S&P 500 (SPY) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) but we plan to add more markets in Q2. Custom Market Analysis will also be added in the coming months to allow customers to add their own markets of interest for forecasting!

Bitcoin Forecasting

Not only do we Forecast the major Share Markets but we also Forecast Bitcoin!

Our BTC Calls both Long and Short-term have been incredibly accurate. If you’re someone looking to stay ahead of the crypto market then reading our Bitcoin Forecasts will definitely help.

In Q2 we will be adding Ethereum for our Cryptocurrency forecasts.